Can I Stop Thinking So Much and Enjoy Life More?

woman-thinking-worryingIf you’re anything like me, your mind often takes you on wild, exhausting rides. You consider every possible outcome in most situations and often find yourself dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

You may catch yourself mid-stream and wonder “How can I stop thinking so much?   Can’t I just enjoy my life right now in the present moment?”

You Already Have the Only Tool You Need

The answer is yes, you can.  It takes some conscious effort, but the good news is you already have the best possible tool at your disposal.  It is your body, your physical presence in the world as you move through your day. Continue reading Can I Stop Thinking So Much and Enjoy Life More?

The Surprising Benefits of Taking Naps

relax and energize with a nap“Nice idea,” you say, “but who has time to take a nap?”  You have kids to feed, a meeting to prepare for, and you promised your sister you’d call her back tonight. Forget it!

There was a time when I wouldn’t have considered it either.  Felt like I was giving a valuable piece of my life away – for what?   But now the benefits of taking naps – especially as I’ve gotten older – are so obvious that I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Continue reading The Surprising Benefits of Taking Naps

Walking for Fitness and More

Tonight, I stepped out the door and took a mindful walk in my own neighborhood.Walking For Fitness

Walking for fitness is always a great idea, but walking to soak in your surroundings and take a break from the workaday world can create a heightened experience.

The kids next door jumped and laughed on their trampoline.  As I reached the hill above my house, the setting sun made an awesome pink display through the clouds.

It’s a relic of our hunting and gathering past, an indulgence of our desire to seek and explore.

Continue reading Walking for Fitness and More