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Can I Stop Thinking So Much and Enjoy Life More?

woman-thinking-worryingIf you’re anything like me, your mind often takes you on wild, exhausting rides. You consider every possible outcome in most situations and often find yourself dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

You may catch yourself mid-stream and wonder “How can I stop thinking so much?   Can’t I just enjoy my life right now in the present moment?”

You Already Have the Only Tool You Need

The answer is yes, you can.  It takes some conscious effort, but the good news is you already have the best possible tool at your disposal.  It is your body, your physical presence in the world as you move through your day. Continue reading Can I Stop Thinking So Much and Enjoy Life More?

The Surprising Benefits of Taking Naps

relax and energize with a nap“Nice idea,” you say, “but who has time to take a nap?”  You have kids to feed, a meeting to prepare for, and you promised your sister you’d call her back tonight. Forget it!

There was a time when I wouldn’t have considered it either.  Felt like I was giving a valuable piece of my life away – for what?   But now the benefits of taking naps – especially as I’ve gotten older – are so obvious that I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Continue reading The Surprising Benefits of Taking Naps

Walking for Fitness and More

Tonight, I stepped out the door and took a mindful walk in my own neighborhood.Walking For Fitness

Walking for fitness is always a great idea, but walking to soak in your surroundings and take a break from the workaday world can create a heightened experience.

The kids next door jumped and laughed on their trampoline.  As I reached the hill above my house, the setting sun made an awesome pink display through the clouds.

It’s a relic of our hunting and gathering past, an indulgence of our desire to seek and explore.

Continue reading Walking for Fitness and More

My Reviews

product reviewsLike you, I put a lot of thought into my purchases.

As a professional buyer, I learned to appreciate the time and effort required to find great products at good prices for both work and home.  I want to simplify this process for you by recommending only products that I believe are truly exceptional.


  • Wellness products to support focus, energy, and overall health in the face of life’s daily challenges
  • Lifestyle products to support fitness, time and stress management, and greater satisfaction at home and at work 
  • More great resources including websites, books, and music to feed your mind and spirit as you venture into your 40s and beyond

My passion is finding great products, resources, and innovations innovative productsto share with you. Please check back frequently for updates.  If you have thoughts or questions, or something you’d like to see reviewed, please leave your comments below.

Live well,




Mental & Spiritual Wellness

accept life challengesLife is a classroom that teaches us many valuable lessons. One that I have encountered again and again is that acceptance and present moment living form the basis of a healthy reaction to life’s challenges.

If we accept the moment as it is – no matter what we are struggling with – we are more able to draw on our inner resources and feel our deep connection to life and our innate strength.

We are made with an inner core of resilience that we can learn to tap no matter our circumstances.

Life is not always easy, but we are made for growth – not for stagnation.   Change is a fundamental reality of life, especially as we age.

The good news is that we are made with an inner core of resilience that we can learn to tap no matter our circumstances.  It is at our disposal night and day,  but many of us are so caught up in noisy negative thinking that we don’t hear the silent undercurrent of peace and strength available to all of us.

core inner strengthIt is our birthright.  It is how we are designed, and it is a tie that binds us to the innate joy within our hearts and to the essence of those we care about.

I’d like to explore these inner resources together, and share our insights about how to activate this core of strength within ourselves.  I would love to hear your stories about finding peace and the struggles you have faced. Please leave a message below to join the discussion.  We are all in this together!

All the best!


Food & Nutrition

Food is energy, and as we tackle mid-life, our eating habits can make or break our natural energy flow.

We’ve all had the experience of rushing to eat anything handy just to keep ourselves going because we don’t have time to enjoy a relaxed, nutritious meal.

When you eat, notice how you feel an hour or two later.  This is a major clue to indicate if you are fueling your body properly.


We feel tired and stressed, so we grab a cup of coffee or a sweet treat to give us a burst of energy, only to feel an hour or so later that our fuel tank is empty again.  Then we’re back where we started at the bottom of the energy roller coaster.

Processed sugar is the most common culprit here.  It’s a drug that gives us the desired boost, but then quickly depletes our energy, and a vicious cycle begins as we grab again for something sweet. This cycle, if it becomes a habit, can wreak havoc on the body and lead to diabetes and other chronic diseases.

When you eat, notice how you feel an hour or two later.  This is a major clue to indicate if you are fueling your body properly. Natural food brings sustained energy.  Processed food leaves you feeling depleted and tired.

healthy snack nutsOf course, we don’t always have time to prepare a healthy meal. But we can strike a balance here.  If you don’t always have time to cook, or – like me – frequently prefer to use your time in other ways, buy quick, healthy foods to keep on hand, such as nuts, cheese, veggies, and healthy snack bars like Lara Bars, which are made with whole foods only.

Real, natural food is medicine – nature’s pharmacy – and doesn’t have to be prepared in any elaborate way to be healthful.  In fact, minimal preparation often retains the nutrients more fully.  We will discuss in more detail here some of nature’s most healthy foods and how they can help us live in energy balance.

I’d love to hear your stories about your relationship with food.   Good food is critical to a healthy life, so we need to maintain this relationship to our best advantage, and I’m here to offer you feedback and support in your efforts.  Please leave a comment below.

Live well!



Lifestyle & Health

One of the keys to living well after 40 is adopting a balanced sedentary lifestyle at worklifestyle.   Many challenges interfere with this.  One is that a majority of us are too sedentary.  Another is that we are often too scattered and stressed.

In the modern world, many people are forced to sit for hours at a time at their jobs, and when they finally get home are too exhausted from the work day to do much more than crash in front of the computer or TV.

Our bodies have evolved to require both activity and rest, and as we age, getting this balance right becomes even more critical to our well-being.

And when we aren’t sitting, we rush about and try to complete a dozen different tasks, or we become stressed-out or immobilized over our never-ending to-do lists.

Our bodies have evolved to require both activity and rest, and as we age, getting this balance right becomes even more critical to our well-being.

Our activity needs to be focused and aimed at our true priorities, actions that will move us toward our most meaningful goals.  And our rest needs to be truly restorative, periods when we live off the clock and attend to our deeper nature.

balanced lifestyleWe will discuss activity and rest here and ideas to get the balance right, so that we feel focused and energized to live a satisfying life.

Please send me your thoughts on life balance, ideas that have helped you achieve a better lifestyle or issues you are still facing today.  I’d love to hear from you.

Live well!