Natural Skin Cancer Treatments – It’s Time to Take Them Seriously

I’m almost afraid to write a post about natural skin cancer treatments.  Some may say I’m being irresponsible. That I’m encouraging people to take their lives into their own hands.eggplant

But honestly, we’re talking about our own bodies, our precious health, and we need to take an active interest in our own welfare:  ask the hard questions, educate ourselves, and insist on the best answers.

We Can’t Afford To Just Do What We’re Told 

The truth is that conventional cancer treatments make people sick, kill healthy cells right along with diseased ones, and don’t guarantee that cancer won’t return in the future.

Of course, you shouldn’t try to diagnose yourself.   If you have a worrisome skin growth, such as a mole that changes or becomes painful, you should consult with your doctor.

But know this:  If a biopsy comes back positive for cancer, or even if it is inconclusive (meaning the doctor doesn’t know if it’s cancer or not) he or she will likely want to pursue conventional treatment either way.  

Conventional treatment for skin cancer involves toxic chemicals that poison our bodies, often doing more harm than good.

It’s Time to Explore All the Possibilities

I am a person who looks for alternatives in any situation. The internet, for example, is great for that.  It is truly empowering.

black raspberries

Online, you can find the whole gamut of doctors, researchers, and patients looking at sickness and health from a variety of perspectives. Many are people who respect modern medicine and science, but who also greatly value age-old remedies that have helped mankind heal for millennia.   Remedies that can lift modern medicine to unimagined levels of expertise.

I want a  doctor who looks at everything; who respects the best of both old and new.   Doctors like Josh Axe and Joseph Mercola, who have the humility to believe that medical science still has a lot to learn and that all healing traditions have enormous value to contribute to this ongoing pursuit.

To be fair, I have met a few physicians in my own backyard who are open-minded and innovative.  But even the most fair-minded doctors are often overwhelmed by the demands of their practice, and often don’t have the resources to investigate new therapies and ideas as much as they would like.

Serious Research is Happening Now!

Online we have the whole world at your fingertips, and it’s our responsibility to learn as much as we can.

When it comes to something like skin cancer, we need to know our true options.  Many people are diagnosed and submit to conventional treatment just because they don’t know anything else exists.  Or they see anything that’s unconventional immediately dismissed as “quack” medicine, so they just go along with what they are told without question.

I have seen friends die after they went along with standard cancer treatment and didn’t even know there were other possibilities.

Innovative physicians like Mercola, Axe and others are introducing exciting research to the public through their websites.  Powerful medicinal plants, foods, and herbs are finally the subject of the serious scientific study they deserve.

Nature’s Remedies Outshine Our Manmade Efforts

Unfortunately, most pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in this research, because they aren’t going to make a lot of money if people start using things like eggplant cream or black raspberry seed oil or frankincense and myrrh oil to treat skin cancer.

But it should interest us very much. These are not expensive treatments.  We can buy them and use them ourselves.   They will not kill our healthy cells or make us sick with side effects.

And they work.  Scores of studies now show the potential of these substances.  Frankincense oil, for instance, has 17 active agents that researchers are studying.  They have discovered that each one targets particular cancer cells in unique ways, offering enormous healing potential.

These are nature’s remedies, chemicals more varied and complex than anything man can create in a laboratory.  It is time we respect them and allow them to broaden the way before us. Anything less is gross ingratitude.

(Please note that these natural skin cancer treatments are intended for non-melanoma skin cancers only.   Please consult with your doctor before beginning any treatment regimen to confirm suitability.)


12 thoughts on “Natural Skin Cancer Treatments – It’s Time to Take Them Seriously

  1. Thanks for the information Jen! I’m a melanoma survivor. I was very addicted to skin tanning before and never thought that it would give me a skin cancer. I went to Adult & Pediatric Dermatology ( to remove the tiny lesion the size of a pencil point that appeared on my right buttock. After that the pathology report came back negative for cancer.

    1. Hi Jaime! So glad your report was negative after the lesion was removed. And very glad you had it checked out in the first place. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is a great article.

    Of course, I think prevention is best. However, now I know how to better help a family member or friend who has a skin cancer diagnosis.

    1. Hi, Jamin! I certainly agree that prevention is best.

      An excellent preventative measure for skin cancer is to enjoy moderate sun, but avoid getting burned. It’s also helpful to supplement vitamin D if you don’t get enough naturally from sunlight.

  3. This article definitely sparks interest in alternative methods to treat skin cancer. I am finding natural or supplements may be the way to go for remedies. I think we should be active in finding alternatives for our own health. You are right about educating yourself so you don’t just go with the flow.

    Thanks for the article.


    1. You’re welcome, Julie! Yeah, I think we really need to be well-informed. For instance, if I hadn’t been curious about natural skin cancer remedies I would have never discovered myrrh essential oil and seen for myself how well it removes problematic skin growths. It’s amazing!

    1. Hi, Tony! Yeah, the amount of research and information can seem overwhelming. It is hard to get these treatments to the masses because they are not big business. They will only be promoted by people who really care for the welfare of others.

      I’ve found online medical sites such as Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Josh Axe’s to be very helpful and I trust the information they provide.

  4. I really like the way you present natural ingredients to help us. I haven’t had any experience, but I will look out for them to try.

    1. Hi, Dario! I’m amazed to find that natural remedies exist for just about everything. I guess it really should be no surprise, though. The human race was healing ailments long before pharmaceuticals and synthetic chemicals came along.

      Yes, with a little research you can find a trusted source for natural care in most circumstances.

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