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10 Healthy Steps for a Happy Brain

We all want to be happy.  Fortunately, our brains produce natural happy womanchemicals that can boost our pleasure, motivation, contentment, and joy.

Better still, we can take specific steps in our daily lives to increase these natural brain chemicals.   Let’s get started today with 10 healthful steps for a happier brain.

  • Set Challenging, yet Attainable Goals.  The best goals stretch our abilities a little bit but don’t overwhelm us.   Such goals require a little more focus and effort than something that comes very easily.  However, the brain thrives on attainable challenges and the happiness payoff is great when we begin to master the new skills involved.

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Can I Stop Thinking So Much and Enjoy Life More?

woman-thinking-worryingIf you’re anything like me, your mind often takes you on wild, exhausting rides. You consider every possible outcome in most situations and often find yourself dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

You may catch yourself mid-stream and wonder “How can I stop thinking so much?   Can’t I just enjoy my life right now in the present moment?”

You Already Have the Only Tool You Need

The answer is yes, you can.  It takes some conscious effort, but the good news is you already have the best possible tool at your disposal.  It is your body, your physical presence in the world as you move through your day. Continue reading Can I Stop Thinking So Much and Enjoy Life More?