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10 Healthy Steps for a Happy Brain

We all want to be happy.  Fortunately, our brains produce natural happy womanchemicals that can boost our pleasure, motivation, contentment, and joy.

Better still, we can take specific steps in our daily lives to increase these natural brain chemicals.   Let’s get started today with 10 healthful steps for a happier brain.

  • Set Challenging, yet Attainable Goals.  The best goals stretch our abilities a little bit but don’t overwhelm us.   Such goals require a little more focus and effort than something that comes very easily.  However, the brain thrives on attainable challenges and the happiness payoff is great when we begin to master the new skills involved.

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Mental & Spiritual Wellness

accept life challengesLife is a classroom that teaches us many valuable lessons. One that I have encountered again and again is that acceptance and present moment living form the basis of a healthy reaction to life’s challenges.

If we accept the moment as it is – no matter what we are struggling with – we are more able to draw on our inner resources and feel our deep connection to life and our innate strength.

We are made with an inner core of resilience that we can learn to tap no matter our circumstances.

Life is not always easy, but we are made for growth – not for stagnation.   Change is a fundamental reality of life, especially as we age.

The good news is that we are made with an inner core of resilience that we can learn to tap no matter our circumstances.  It is at our disposal night and day,  but many of us are so caught up in noisy negative thinking that we don’t hear the silent undercurrent of peace and strength available to all of us.

core inner strengthIt is our birthright.  It is how we are designed, and it is a tie that binds us to the innate joy within our hearts and to the essence of those we care about.

I’d like to explore these inner resources together, and share our insights about how to activate this core of strength within ourselves.  I would love to hear your stories about finding peace and the struggles you have faced. Please leave a message below to join the discussion.  We are all in this together!

All the best!