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Waking Up Too Early? How to Go Back to Sleep With Ease

If you’re like me, you may frequently wake up an hour or two before youempty bed - can't sleep
intend to rise and then stare at the clock in frustration.  “Why am I waking up so early?” You fume and toss about fruitlessly, often giving up and getting out of bed early to start your day, rationalizing that you’ll get a lot more done before anyone else is up.

But the irritation remains.  You wish you knew how to go back to sleep, but you haven’t found the key. Sometimes you may wake up startled – as if you suddenly realized you’re late for work or you heard a  sudden crash.

Your mind is on full alert for no apparent reason. Or sometimes you have the faintest touch of a headache or feel a full-blown migraine coming on.

It’s maddening!

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The Surprising Benefits of Taking Naps

relax and energize with a nap“Nice idea,” you say, “but who has time to take a nap?”  You have kids to feed, a meeting to prepare for, and you promised your sister you’d call her back tonight. Forget it!

There was a time when I wouldn’t have considered it either.  Felt like I was giving a valuable piece of my life away – for what?   But now the benefits of taking naps – especially as I’ve gotten older – are so obvious that I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Continue reading The Surprising Benefits of Taking Naps